next step in human evolution
Our strength, as humans, has always been our ability to collaborate. People have survived throughout history due to their ability to work together, to find new ways to evolve. This has kept us at the top of the food chain since ancient times.
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The world of insecurites
is over
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Policies, frontiers, currencies, cultural differences, language boundaries are elements of our present global society which prevent us, individuals of the world, to prosper together beyond conventional limits.
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However, the mass adoption of digitalization has made it accessible for people to make changes, and not always for the higher purpose. For the past decades, technology has been mainly used for personal evolution.
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On the other hand, technologies such as blockchain allow us now more than ever to surpass these traditional borders. Finding common ground with fellow humans around the world has never been easier.
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It is now time to use technology for the evolution of the human species — 7 billion people and 200 nations will become one. One digital society. One nation. One country. Clover.
To be the next step in humankind evolution through technology, AI and blockchain innovations.
To become the globally accepted method of creating, exchanging and storing value through a trusted virtual country designed to empower people to live in Clover and to live life, better.
Welcome to
Clover Country!
We believe in a sustainable world, where well-being, freedom, equality, collaboration and stability are the pillars of prosperity.

We were lucky enough to be born in an age when everything is possible.
The dreams of your generation, become a reality.
A country built on blockchain and powered by AI.
A decentralized digital nation designed to do good, better.
A way to ensure your family a carefree and stable life.
A platform to earn a life-long passive income.
A place to evolve together and individually.
What is Clover and how does it work?
Clover is a virtual country open and accessible to all people of the world. Its main goal is to become a social movement that transforms people’s lives by providing a safe and stable online environment to create, exchange and store value.
Clover is higher purpose is to democratize wealth and empower its citizens to earn a lifelong passive income and also, the opportunity to invest in humanitarian, healthcare, educational, environmental and charitable initiatives.
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